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There are many solutions you can expect under the marked tag “Optus Supportwhen it comes to smooth functioning of Optus Account. The most important reason why people are inclining towards Optus webmail is easy accessibility and user-friendly services which are available at reasonable rates. The technical team is always ready to guide you with all the hurdles which come without prior notice.

There are times when you struggle a lot in order to solve even minor problems. The online support team makes your way convenient through ultimate technical support which comes to a large number of users, without fail.

Outstanding solutions for Optus users

From login troubles to changing the password or regain hacked account the technical experts are always ready to cater you along with some noteworthy points to maintain much more security in your existing Optus accounts. The support is available at all points of days and nights by experienced technical members.

Some of the reasons to acquire online technical support are: –

  • The services are available 24 hours and 365 days.
  • All round-solutions for overall issues without any wait time.
  • Available even in odd hours for providing you with the best supportive assistance.
  • A single call can cater various needs
  • The number is never out of reach.
  • The certified and well-trained technical expert’s guidance.
  • Most promising ways to fulfill your needs.
  • Helps you during emergencies.

In case you notice any of the technical difficulties related to Optus Account contact toll-free no. 1-800-614-419 and talk to the hard-working and passionate professionals without mounting huge amounts. Nothing is more efficient than getting Optus Support at your doorstep in a single call. So, Make an ultimate choice and avail error-free Optus Account with step by step formulations.

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Although mail automatically uses the correct settings, sometimes it asks you to enter the email settings manually. At that time you can seek for Optus Email Support Phone Number to get the correct settings for your emails. While handling your email Account, you might face troubles, while you seldom need more than your email address and password. But you need not worry as the technical support team is highly qualified and trained enough to provide you the desired settings for your emails. And the best thing is they are available throughout day and nights to render you proper assistance on step-by- step executions of the procedure.

Some of the reasons to change/ modify email settings are: –

  • You want to manage your email notifications.
  • Why receiving mails even if you have “Unsubscribed” in emails.
  • Want to deactivate your email address.
  • You want to use multiple email addresses.
  • Having problems in getting notifications.
  • Not receiving the email configuration.
  • The link in email doesn’t work.

Why Optus Email Support Phone Number?

For any of the above-mentioned issues, you need to modify the email setting of your Account. You can contact Optus Email Support Phone Number which provides round the hour support for ultimate satisfaction of Optus Webmail users. The experts at toll-free no. 1-800- 614-419 will provide you array of solutions which will be profitable for enhancing/ changing or modifying your emails settings. For any problems with Optus mail Account, pick the right one which provides proper solutions in no time.

How to Add Additional Optus Webmail Accounts promptly

With the use of email address and password, you can sign in to your Optus Webmail account and access it from any computer with an internet connection for sending and receiving emails. The enhancement in businesses makes everyone eager to add more accounts i.e. secondary accounts with their primary account. Every Optus account consists of single password and username for the exclusive use of the account holder. One of the time-consuming and efficient ways is you can access multiple accounts and expand the number of usable email addresses with linking different accounts into one.

Try to follow these steps to add accounts: –

  • Login to your account with your My Account username.
  • Make a click on the dashboard.
  • Make sure to look at your linked services and usage after scrolling down the dashboard.
  • Click on a service and select your fixed or broadband service.
  • After then go to the “settings” tab and open “My Optus Emails Accounts” Option.
  • Click manage to view, add or remove additional (secondary) accounts.

One thing you must to notice is that you can have up to 5 email addresses for your friends and family to use.

Simplest support for resolution by skilled team

In case you have any disruptions while processing, choose a time-consuming and eminent support to conveniently add multiple Optus Webmail accounts. Our trained technicians can be contacted directly by dialling toll-free no. 1-800-614-419 which suits the budget of each and every Optus users. They work effortlessly so that no technical hindrances can disrupt your vital tasks.

What are Optus Mails and Its Use?

Optus mail is free webmail service. You can use this by your own user name abc@optusnet.com.  This online service for web mail has all you need including: Mail inbox, drafts, spam filter (for mail), folders and online storage.  Anyone can use it very easily. It is same as on others mail service like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc but this mail services can use very easily.

Features of Optus mail:

  1. Mail Inbox: Inbox is an area where user can find all mail.
  2. Drafts:  In user can find Drafts Saved mail (whose mails that not complete sending process).
  3. Spam Filter: This feature filters all spam mail.
  4. Online Storage: This Online Webmail Service provides online storage space. User can save his data into this drive.
  5. Folders: User can create specific folder according his use .

Optus mail support: 

If users have any problems like Password recovery, Data recovery, Hacked Mail, Change Password, Unwanted mails etc.  Call Toll Free 1800 614 419 Optus email support phone number.  This is 24*7 support service.  Get easily solution for your all Optus mail problems.


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