What are Optus Mails and Its Use?

Optus mail is free webmail service. You can use this by your own user name abc@optusnet.com.  This online service for web mail has all you need including: Mail inbox, drafts, spam filter (for mail), folders and online storage.  Anyone can use it very easily. It is same as on others mail service like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc but this mail services can use very easily.

Features of Optus mail:

  1. Mail Inbox: Inbox is an area where user can find all mail.
  2. Drafts:  In user can find Drafts Saved mail (whose mails that not complete sending process).
  3. Spam Filter: This feature filters all spam mail.
  4. Online Storage: This Online Webmail Service provides online storage space. User can save his data into this drive.
  5. Folders: User can create specific folder according his use .

Optus mail support: 

If users have any problems like Password recovery, Data recovery, Hacked Mail, Change Password, Unwanted mails etc.  Call Toll Free 1800 614 419 Optus email support phone number.  This is 24*7 support service.  Get easily solution for your all Optus mail problems.


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