Although mail automatically uses the correct settings, sometimes it asks you to enter the email settings manually. At that time you can seek for Optus Email Support Phone Number to get the correct settings for your emails. While handling your email Account, you might face troubles, while you seldom need more than your email address and password. But you need not worry as the technical support team is highly qualified and trained enough to provide you the desired settings for your emails. And the best thing is they are available throughout day and nights to render you proper assistance on step-by- step executions of the procedure.

Some of the reasons to change/ modify email settings are: –

  • You want to manage your email notifications.
  • Why receiving mails even if you have “Unsubscribed” in emails.
  • Want to deactivate your email address.
  • You want to use multiple email addresses.
  • Having problems in getting notifications.
  • Not receiving the email configuration.
  • The link in email doesn’t work.

Why Optus Email Support Phone Number?

For any of the above-mentioned issues, you need to modify the email setting of your Account. You can contact Optus Email Support Phone Number which provides round the hour support for ultimate satisfaction of Optus Webmail users. The experts at toll-free no. 1-800- 614-419 will provide you array of solutions which will be profitable for enhancing/ changing or modifying your emails settings. For any problems with Optus mail Account, pick the right one which provides proper solutions in no time.


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